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PGF High Performance Filter Bag


Through hundreds of experiments and strict technical tests, constituting a unique multi-layer seamless structure for PGF filter bag.
This design provides a gradual filtering process, and the impurities are separated by the thickness of the filter bag.
With a patent collar, PGF filter bag provides multi-layer filter support. and a positive seal of installation.

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● Even in the case of extreme dirty environment, the material of different density could extend the life of filter bags
● 100% polypropylene material without adhesive and silicone
● Patent collar provides positive seal
● High quality material combined with unique structure design enable to filter over 0.2 um particles
● Absolute efficiency over 99% for 0.2 to 10 um grade, equally well for finer micron rating particles
● In some applications where it was never possible to use a filter bag, PGF Filter Bags play an unparalleled performance. Successful examples such as water filtration, fine chemicals, microelectronics, etc. Now we can use the PGF Filter Bags to replace the previous expensive filter cartridges.
● FDA compliant according to CFR title 21
● Production under ISO 9001 : 2015 quality systems

Retention Efficiency (PP)                                    Operation Conditions

Retention Efficiency/Operation Conditions


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