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CO2 Absorbers


To Prevent Carbon Dioxide from entering
into process water storage tanks such as
Demi. Water storage tanks and Condensate
Storage thanks.

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Customized Solutions

MICROTECK KOREA CO.,LTD has the proven technology
for CO2 absorbers. And we can provide individually
customized solutions to satisfy your requirements.



● Basically, CO2 absorbers are the customized equipment
   reflecti ng customer requirements.
● Housing : Stainless Steel Grade
● Absorbent or Cartridge with absorbent : Absorbent shall
   be replaced when the color change from white to violet.
   This means it is saturated and the capacity is exhausted.
● Minimized resistance to gas flow
 Installation : In enclosed and outside positions.
 Top mounting / Ground mounting

Wherever CO2 must be removed from the air
 Demineralized water storage thanks
 Condensate storage thanks
 Other Storage thanks

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